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2023 Rules & Judging Criteria


1.  One entry per family / team / association or business
2.  Scarecrows must be family-appropriate. 
3.  Scarecrows must be handmade.  No purchased scarecrows may be entered into the competition.
4. Scarecrows must be registered, assembled and on display by Sunday October 22nd, 2023
5.  All scarecrows must be placed wholly on your own property or business. 
6. Don't have a yard to display your Scarecrow or a property that can allow visitors? Join the Wandering Scarecrows this year.  “Wandering Scarecrows” will all be located at the Schomberg Community Farm.  Placement details will be sent to you upon registration. For additional information about building a “Wandering Scarecrow”, email

7. Voting and Judging will be completed by October 28, 2023
8. Winners will be announced on October 30, 2023
9. Register your scarecrow here 

Judging Criteria:

1. Creativity 

Judges will assess the individuality of the scarecrow. Is it unique? Is it a new idea? Have you used an original concept?

* No purchased scarecrows will be allowed to be entered into the competition.

2.  Technique and Materials 

Judging will be based on the variety of materials used and how well they are put together. All the scarecrows must be built from scratch, reusing and recycling old materials is strongly encouraged. How well is the scarecrow constructed? How does it stand up the weather elements?  Note that Scarecrows must not be hung or supported by the neck.

3. Overall Impression 

Judges are looking for that scarecrow with a little bit extra. It may be the materials used, the way the scarecrow has been made, how it is displayed or simply a fantastic idea. Catch the judge’s eye.

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