Halloween Decorations

2020 Rules & Judging Criteria

This year's competition will include 5 exciting categories:


  • Technical

  • Funny

  • Creative

  • Scary

  • And the ever-popular People's Choice award!

Prizes will be awarded to one scarecrow in each of these categories.  We want to show our support to our local businesses, so the prize for each category this year will be a $100 gift card to the local business of your choice, chosen from our pool of participating businesses.  


To become a participating business, simply make and enter a scarecrow!  


A special thank you to the Schomberg Village Association for sponsoring this year's event. 


All scarecrows will be judged on the following criteria.  Up to 5 points will be awarded for each, for a total of a possible 20 points:

1. Materials Used (5 marks)

Judging will be based on the variety of materials used. Please attempt where possible to reuse and recycle old materials that you have found around the house. All scarecrows must be built from scratch. 

* No purchased scarecrows will be allowed to be entered into the competition.

2. Design/ Appearance (5 marks)

The entry will be judged on attention to detail in the design and quality of construction. Has it held up in the weather? Does it stay standing for the duration of the competition?   

3. Creativity / Originality (5 marks)

Judges will assess the individuality of the scarecrow. Is it unique? Judges will be looking for scarecrows that catch the eye (e.g., materials used, how it is displayed, has the idea been seen/done before?, Is this an original idea?)

4. Concept (5 marks)

Judges will assess the overall idea of the scarecrow. How much effort was put into the scarecrow’s concept?


  1. Scarecrows must be placed on the lawn of a property / business.  Must be located in Schomberg or Lloydtown.

  2. Your scarecrow should be visible from the road whenever possible.

  3. No purchased scarecrows may be entered into the competition.

  4. Scarecrows must be family appropriate.

  5. All entries, including a photo must be received by October 17, 2020.

  6. Scarecrows must be in place by October 17, 2020.

  7. Judging will be completed by October 21, 2020. 

  8. Winners will be announced Friday October 23, 2020